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Kunc plays Kunc

Ivana Kunc  can remember as a little girl listening to the lacquer recording my mother had of my father playing his own compositions. He had only one copy pressed, but I always hoped that one day the public would hear it.

When my husband and I found two reel to reels tucked away in my mother’s treasures, we were ecstatic to find that they contained two separate sessions of never before heard performances. We now had a complete album of Božidar Kunc playing his own works.

We found the right people to help us. A gentleman named Marcos, who actually had a collection of 78 needles, and a wonderful engineer named Randy, who did a fantastic job of restoring and re-mastering.

I got to know my father through this project. I knew he was sensitive and kind from the stories my mother told me. But in his playing we also hear longing, frustration, and especially a sense of humor.

I thank my mother, DeElda, for taking good cre of these recordings through the years, and for keeping his legacy alive. And thank you to my husband Monroe, who became my co-producer for this project, and whose musicality was a great help.

I hope you enjoy Kunc playing Kunc.
Ivana Kunc
November 2013


Two photos at top: Božidar Kunc.
Photo just above: Zlatko Baloković & Božidar Kunc.

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